4. Beauchamp Park

This lovely park is beautifully situated among gorgeous trees providing an abundance of shade. Anyone looking for a calm place to relax and escape from the Australian heat must stop by this park.

Is this Park Good for Kids?

Yes! The answer to this question is incredibly easy. With many fun playthings, including swings, slides, and sandpits, children will love to spend time in this urban oasis. You can also find sculptures in the shapes of cows, dogs, and other lovable animals. The only thing parents must be mindful of is that there is no fencing around the playground area. However, if you keep a vigilant eye on your children, they will thoroughly and safely enjoy themselves.

What other Amenities Does the Park Contain?

Public toilets are a short walk from the children’s play area. The park also contains several picnic tables and many benches. It also features a car park that can hold nearly 20 cars. If that is full, then several options for street parking are nearby. Bike paths wind throughout the park so that residents can use it to get their exercise if they so choose. It is within a walkable distance from the local dentist in Chatswood.

Flora, Fauna and Friendly Critters at Beauchamp

You may encounter flying foxes, possums, skinks, or lizards on a visit to Beauchamp Park. You are also very likely to witness many different species of birds.

Twenty-four flower beds reside along the park’s main path. These beds contain many favourites such as magnolias, azaleas, and camellias. The park also features several rose gardens that blossom in an abundance of colours. Your visit to Beauchamp Park will be anything but dull.

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