Artarmon Reserve

Artarmon Reserve

This 9.5-hectare reserve provides the perfect place to get away from it all and enjoy time with family or friends. Southwest of Willoughby, this reserve is located on Burra Road. The park entrance is only 250 metres from the closest station and 120 metres from the nearest taxi stand, making transportation a breeze.


This reserve was named for the Ardthelmon Castle, which was the name of the Irish residence belonging to William Gore. This name for this castle was not pronounced how it looks; instead, it was said like “art-e-mon.” Gore was the Provost-Marshall in 1808 during the Rum Rebellion. Gore was initially granted 150 acres, but 140 was taken back for public use. Now, this 17-acre reserve is all that remains of that public land. Since 1913, this area is a protected reserve, taken care of by the Willoughby Council.


The reserve features plenty of wide-open spaces, including a fenced-in area where dogs can roam freely. The park is the perfect place for a cookout because is features several barbecues, a bubbler, and plenty of picnic tables and benches. The area also features two nearby car parks. Public toilets are also provided for convenience.


Children often come to this park to play on the shaded playground that includes ladders, bridges, slides, and much more. Adults tend to enjoy the walking and biking tracks. A large number of trees in the area make this a great place to visit, especially in the summer because there is always plenty of shade. Those looking to take an active role in the upkeep of the reserve can consider joining the bushcare groups that meet the first Wednesday and Second Sunday of each month.

Artarmon Reserve serves as a popular respite from the rigours of daily life for residents and guests of Willoughby alike. If you enjoy nature, be sure to check out other parks in the area, find out more here.

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